The Skills (poor)Programmers Lack

(poor)程序员缺乏的节能 The Skills Poor Programmers Lack 理解编程语言是如何工作的 预判可能会遇到的问题 如何组织代码,如何设计系统

Golang Sync Once

sync once golang once Once is an object that will perform exactly one action 通常情况下,sync.Once 的值被用来确保一段代码在并发环境下只执行一次,典型的比如,初始化一个全局的变量。 package

Idiomatic Golang Design Patterns

Idiomatic 使用Golang惯用的方式来编写代码/Golang 最佳实践 Effective Go 设计模式 In software engineering, a software design pattern is a general, reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem within a given context in software design. - 经典设计模式 Creational -

Golang Basics Part 0

Golang data types var ( int32Val int32 float32Val float32 float64Val float64 boolVal bool ) Golang packages Golang package is way to orgnize your code Golang concurrency Golang use goroutine and channel to archive concurency Golang interface Golang interface is methods contract Golang pprof

Mysql Tutorial Part 0

MySQL Tutorial Part 0 What is MySQL What is MySQL MySQL is a database management system. MySQL databases are relational. MySQL software is Open Source. MySQL Server works in client/server or embedded systems. Install MySQL on MacOS brew install Mysql Start MySQL ➜ ~ mysql.server start Starting MySQL SUCCESS! ➜ ~ mysql.server status SUCCESS! MySQL running (63645) Connect to Mysql server with mysql client ➜ ~ mysql -h 127.